About CroChel


My name is Alberta Nana Ama Awuku. I am a Ghanaian fashion designer and I own CroChel. CroChel is a brand that makes beautiful handmade clothes for todays bold and beautiful woman.

 I have always been skinny. Growing up as a child, I discovered that the beauty standards in my country Ghana saw thicker, curvier women as beauiful. That made me very self conscious and want to have a thicker curvier body. After starting CroChel in my final year of University as a way to support myself, I discovered that I was beautiful too. And that all that was important was that I believed I was.

 In today's world where social media and main stream media presents impossible beauty standards, my brand is here to say that you are beautiful regardless of your size, body type or skin tone. You are beautiful the moment you begin to believe you are. For this reason we make for every size and body types.

Our team of crocheters and seamstresses is made up of women from our home Ghana. Production takes place in Ghana with very little waste. We also have a no plastic packaging policy.

Now that we are established in Ghana, our next step is to take CroChel to the rest of the world so they too can enjoy what we have to offer- sustainable fashion, inlcusitivity and empowerment for women.